Friday, 27 February 2009

Introducing: The Drop Kick - King of Technical Support


I haven't formatted my scummy Windows XP PC for well over two years now and it's getting pretty unbearable.

If I was a richer person then I would say that it was FUBAR and replace it (rich people don't need to understand the idea of spending several hours of your life wrestling to maintain your hardware), and if I had more time then I would just use some of it to fix the putrid tower of crud on my desk that now sounds like a woodpecker caught in the blades of a helicopter, saving myself hours of time in the long run for every time that I do something that's now beyond my PCs puny processing prowess... like playing minesweeper or using Capslock.

A swift change in directional momentum caused by a solid punt seems like the best solution right now. On second thoughts, does anyone have a sledgehammer?

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